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The Georgia Film, Television & Entertainment SourceBook is the most comprehensive and respected directory for all things production in Georgia. The SourceBook is used by anyone working on features, TV, commercials, streaming entertainment, corporate productions, independent films, documentaries, gaming, music, virtual production . . . you name it. They’ve been using the SourceBook since 1990; in print and online; listing over 3,000 people and companies; over 400+ pages and a 90% renewal rate. Oz can help you get your information in front of industry professionals right away with the online Georgia Film,Television & Entertainment SourceBook. With your listing you receive a 25 word description and up to 10 credits/projects.

Your listing will go online as soon as it is paid for and then edited to our format.  

It is $95 to order a book, or you will get one if you are listed in the printed book.

Validated productions and entertainment projects in Georgia will receive copies of the Sourcebook for free.

You many request not to have it printed. However, you would need to give Oz the local business or home address for our database, so we can send you the SourceBook.

Credits are any professional production/project you have worked on. This includes features, TV, commercials, streaming entertainment, corporate productions, independent films, documentaries, animation, gaming, music videos and virtual productions.

Everyone that is qualified is invited to be in the SourceBook regardless if you belong to a Guild, Union or not. If you are a Georgia resident with at least one professional production credit you can be included. 

Due to the increase in steaming shows and movies, productions are busy all year round in Georgia. Georgia’s mild climate also lends to filming year round. 

Companies like yours have been with us for years because they do get business from the SourceBook. To get the best results, your ad should be specific to this industry. 

Probably. The online SourceBook lists everyone that is currently in the SourceBook. Check www.ozonline.tv 

You do not have to include a person’s name, but it does help for the production company to have someone specific to reach out too. 

You can log in online and update your information anytime, it will be proofed by Oz before going live online. 

You are always welcome to send a press release to Oz about any industry news you want to share. There is no guarantee it would be in the magazine, this would be dependent on content and the Editor-In-Chief’s approval.  

You can get listed online right away and be included with everyone else online in the current book. 

Yes, the printed SourceBook is a great on set resource for productions. It is exceptionally valuable when electronics are not allowed on set. You will see it at many production and entertainment offices in the area.

Your description should mention what makes you different from your competitors, why should a production choose you?  

Your description should mention what makes you different from your competitors, why should a production choose you?  

Sorry no. The Georgia Film, Television & Entertainment SourceBook is a resource of professionals for productions when they are in Georgia to utilize local talent and services, and benefit from the Georgia Film Tax Incentive. 

The Georgia Film, Television & Entertainment SourceBook is the most comprehensive, respected and professional production resource in Georgia for over 30+ years. Every person in the SourceBook is a qualified professional, that is verified every year. 

If you are interested in networking, there are some great organizations you might want to look into:

WIFTA – Women in Film & Television Atlanta – https://www.wifta.org 

BWFN – Black Women Film Network – http://www.blackwomenfilm.org

GPP – Georgia Production Partnership –  https://georgiaproduction.org

Atlanta Film Society –  https://www.atlantafilmsociety.org

Women in Music – www.womeninmusic.org/atlanta

Animation Society – http://www.asifa-atlanta.com

GGDA – Georgia Game Developers Association – www.ggda.org

SWIFT- Savannah Women in Film & Television www.savannahwomeninfilm.com

We publish the Georgia SourceBook and Oz Magazine. You will have to check online for book publishers. 

Each lister that has listed in the printed SourceBook gets a copy.Oz sends the Sourcebook too; production offices, studios (film, animation, music, virtual productions), film commissions and requests from incoming projects that come into Georgia to work. Since Georgia is a popping entertainment hub in the US, the book just gets bigger and better ever year. The SourceBook was awarded the top film directory in the world at the AFCI 40th Anniversary Cineposium. 

$95 for a listing, $195 for a listing and weblink.

Let us know what you would like to add, if it isn’t already part of a category, we will review it and see if it is a good fit for the SourceBook. 

All freelancers, consultants, and technical staff members must have at least one production credit to be included in this professional resource. 

We suggest to include the most recent or well known productions you have worked on first. Also try to include a variety to show what you can offer. 

Example:  Category – Key Grip

Features: Dr. Shadow; The Mothers Day Off; Jokers Wilderness; Amazing Animals (season 2-4); Lost in Midnight Forest (2nd Unit); The Salesman; I Know What You Did.  Commercials: Coke; Mobile Insurance.  Music Video: James Brown Christmas.

Your name will get in front of key professionals that you probably would not have reached otherwise.

The SourceBook gives you a chance to grow and expand your business to all the productions coming into the state that are not familiar with you. 

You can include your logo and/or pictures with an online profile page. Check website for rates.

For Companies/Vendors this is a great way to get your name out and let the the industry know what you can offer them.

Freelancers/Crews must have one professional credit to be in the book.

We do! Oz Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine that is online and printed. Check out the current issue: www.ozmagazine.com. If interested in  advertizing  see Oz Magazine Sales Kit on this site. https://www.ozmagazine.com/advertise

Listings are in alphabetical order within each category.  See options such as feature profiles, banners ads, display ads or the Logo/Image listings that will give you more exposure. Even though other sites may allow this, we rather not make the client have to search through the pages of listings to find the person they are looking for.

Your listing will be online and in the printed book, so people will see it either way. Online is open to the world so there will be more views. 

Put together a description and we will be happy to edit it for you and make suggestions to help your description be as strong as possible. PLEASE do not go over the 25 word description.

Even though you don’t qualify to be in the SourceBook since you do not have a Georgia business license, you are welcome to reach the industry with advertising in Oz Magazine. 

We offer 10% early bird discounts for listings and ads in August & September every year. 

Check out our classified ads on the website. You can also reach out directly to any companies or studios that interest you to see if they have any openings or if they offer any internships.